WORK Pte Ltd

The Insider:

Question from our Creative Director, Theseus Chan,
directed to our latest addition, Designer, Rachel Tan.

Why did you join this 20-year-old studio?

Initially, it was purely because I like the
works done and wanted to be a part of them, to contribute in anyway I possibly can. From WERK Magazines to design collaterals, it all appealed to me. From a print junkie’s point
of view, they’re like collectibles, distinctively fresh and bold. After 5 months here, what
I've noted is that the WORK team is not only experienced, but also flexible. I am taught
to constantly experiment with different  solutions to meet the design problems
using whatever resources available.

“You are only as good as your last work,
is what I picked up here. And so we strive to work with utmost dedication to every detail
in every process and outcome, always driven by a constant unanimous hunger to do better.

I also learned that the strict work ethics cultivated here, stems simply from the team's clear conscience, which explains why we advocate only for what's right and what's best.

My favourite for now would be lunchtime
and teatime. Not just because we get to eat, we get to exchange perspectives, stories,
and experiences, which keeps everyone charged and inspired.


So, these are the reasons why I choose to join this studio.